About the property

Owners/Proprietors: Matteo + Fiorenza

Sotto i Sassi was originally owned by Matteo’s grandfather and its construction can be dated back as far as the 1800’s. Originally a farm with stables annexed, is surrounded by 8 acres of land planted with cherry trees, gardens and fields beneath the rocks of the Roccamalatina nature reserve.

“This place has always been magical to me.”

I first started visiting the farm when I was 4 years old. I recall wonderful memories of running barefoot in the surrounding fields, stealing eggs from the chicken coop, and harvesting handfuls of carrots from the garden to feed the rabbits my grandparents raised.

Summer months were marked by the arrival of farmers from the surrounding area to help us harvest our cherry crop. These timid and gently prideful mountain folk would often bring gifts of produce from their own orchards, gardens and farms to share with us including fresh tomatoes, varietal fruits, seasonal vegetables, and always a basket or two of fresh eggs. Around the same time of the year, family vacationers would arrive to enjoy the cherry festivals, fresh produce, fresh air and the subtleties and charms of Emilia’s hamlet life. As children we would play hide and seek in the fields from morning into the evening.

Peasants, who worked at our farm, told tales of past times around the lunch table where we all ate and laughed together. The food was prepared in the kitchen under the stern eye my Grandmother. My Grandfather originally planted the cherry trees on the farm, which are now mature and beautiful. Cherries have always been a favorite treat for me. I recall devouring them as a child, even when the fruits were not completely ripe. After all, I had been waiting to eat handfuls for an entire year!

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