What to do in July?

We have chosen some of the best activities in this area to help our customers discover the beauty and uniqueness of this incredible region. Emilia Romagna is composed from so many little village, each of those has a specific kind of food and culture. That’s why we invite you to try different activities and places.




    • 21 and 28 July: GILDA MOVIDA is a club based in Modena. The program starts with a four choices menù: pizza, sea food, Emilian traditional dishes or BBQ. Then it continues with latin house music, hip-hop and reggaeton, let’s dance!
    • 20 July: WHITE DOG THURSDAY Beer Garden. You will taste the best beers. It is an event based in a Brewery in Guiglia. Enjoy the evening with grilled cheese sandwiches, gazpacho and good music.
    • 20 July: SUN SET WITH A VIEW. It is an amazing summer happy hour along vineyards rows in Monteveglio. A day to enjoy the colours and flavors of the countryside with a delicious buffet and wine
    • 21, 22 and 23 July: PAC-VULLO STREET FOOD is a full weekend of delicious food, where Italian and International food are the protagonists, with live music, shows and of course your appetite. The event is located in Pavullo nel Frignano in the beautiful city centre close to via Giardini.
    • From 14 to 29 July: FESTA DE L’UNITA’ IN BOSCO ALBERGATI is a traditional event in an amazing green area located in via Lavichielle, Castelfranco Emilia. You will find shows, live music, shopping stand great Emilian food.
    • 22 July: IL BORGO DI MONTALBANO AND VILLA CAULA. An historical and naturalistic walk in the countryside of Zocca. An interesting path to discover the beauty of the medieval village, an old church full of interesting artwork and the roman residence.
  • 21 and 28 July: SUMMER IN VIGNOLAIt is a night for shopping and fun, it’s located in the center of the city. An event for enjoying the summer season, all shops are open until late and shows and buskers will accompany you through the night.
  • 25 July: RADIO BRUNO ESTATE. This radio organize free summer concerts all over Italy, with popular singers. A fantastic cast to bring the best live music to Modena.
  • 29 July: SULLE NOTE DEL CIMONE is a day focused on trekking and music along trails, starts at Ninfa Lake. It is a good combination of music and nature, an unmissable walk along the paths of Pratignano lake.
  • 29-30 July: CHERRY SLIDE. In Vignola you will find the biggest water slide of Italy. The best way to enjoy an hot day with family and friends. Earned will go to charity.
  • 23-30 July: SUNDAY MOOD – GURO BEACH. An unmissable event in Zocca’s swimming pool Lounge bar. It is a funny way to enjoy the happy hour time with friends. Have a swim and taste the delicious buffet, drinks and good music.