What to do in June?

We have chosen some of the best events in this area to help our customers discover the beauty and uniqueness of this incredible region. Emilia Romagna is composed from so many little village, each of those has a specific kind of food and culture. That’s why we invite you to try different activities and places.



2° Week of June

  • 10-11 JUNE: Festa dei Sapori Curiosi based in Casalecchio di Reno (Bo). It’s a traditional food festival. You will have the opportunity to taste all of the Emilia Romagna homemade food.
  • 11 JUNE: Gusta San Vito based in Spilamberto (Mo). It is what we call Magnalonga, that is a 7 Km walk through the countryside. During the walk you will stop every 30 minutes to taste different kind of Emilia Romagna typical food and wine.
  • 10-11 JUNE: Cimone all’alba in Pratignana, based in Fanano (Mo). It is a 10 Km walk with 300 meters in altitude difference.  You will have the chance to se the sunrise with an amazing mountain landscape. An incredible excursions into the wild and nature of Modena’s Apennines.
  • 10 JUNE: White dog dayz, based in Guiglia (Mo). It is a brewery party, just relax and have fun with friends and family. You will drink the best beers of our area and enjoy live music.


3° Week of June

  • 16-17-18 JUNE:MicroBo Beer Festival is based in San Lazzaro di Savena (Bo). It’s a festival focused on the best Italians micro breweries with more than 70 kinds of Italian beer. There will be also delicious street food and live music: It sound like a good plan.
  • 18 JUNE: Solstizio d’estate in Rocchetta Mattei is based in Grizzana Morandi (Bo). It’s a day to celebrate the longest day of the year, and the official start of the summer season. This is an incredibile event in a medieval castle on a hill, you will enjoy a day with music, dance and good Italian food.
  • 16 JUNE: Gilda RistoMusic is a club based in Modena. It’s the best way to spend a night out. The program starts with a four choices menù: pizza, sea food, emilian traditional dishes or BBQ. Then it continues with latin house music, hip-hop and reggaeton, let’s dance!
  • 18 JUNE: Passeggiata ai vulcani di fango is an activity based in Spezzano Fiorano Modenese (Mo). It’s a suggestive walk along one of the oldest transit routes called “Vie dell’olio” (olive oil routes). You will, also, taste a delicious buffet of gnocco fritto and coldcuts . The day will finish visiting the medieval castle and Ceramic museum of Spezzano.


4° Week of June

  • 22-25 JUNE: Fiera di San Giovanni is a festival based in Spilamberto (Mo). It is a weekend dedicated to emilian culture and traditions. You will walk through this historical village and find shows, concerts, sport competitions, children’s workshops and street food. The event will finish with stunning fireworks.
  • 24-25 JUNE: Cimone Bike Festival is an event based in Montecreto, Modenese Apennines. It’s an amazing national mountain bike gathering. This fantastic experience is suitable for everyone: children, teenagers, adults, family, beginners and expert riders. You will enjoy these days with interesting and fun guided hikes inside the forest.
  • 24 JUNE:  Color Vibe is a festival based in Modena, it is a day for whoever wants to have fun and positive vibes. A funny 5 Km walk full of colors! Every 1 Km you will be fired from hundreds of colors bullets.
  • 23-25 JUNE:  Finger Food Festival is based in Modena. It is a weekend organized to celebrate all the italian and international food. You will be able to taste different delicious street food and the best local micro brewery’s beers. Amazing live music will accompany you through all the festival.